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Jan 21, 2013 5:30am EST
at the inaugural parade. the last was 1958 for ronald reagan. >>> some of us are wishing for a little snow but in europe they have said they have had enough. >> enough is enough. it continues to cause a mess on the road and creating a bigger mess for air travelers trying to get home. >> and a political conference turns violent in bulgaria. how this could have been much worse. >>> well it's another day of flight cancellation at lundon's heath row airport. hundreds of passengers sleeping in terminals for the third consecutive day. icy runways and poor visibility are grounding planes. it's similar situation in paris. bad weather canceled dozens of flights out of the airport. the snow and ice triggered deadly traffic accidents in that city. >>> time 5:42. let's check our weather. that makes you say no thanks to the snow. a lot of people want it but you see that and think i don't know. >> i don't know. it's paris and london. i might have to make an exception. look a -- look what we have here in the states. snow showers in michigan and pa and also new york we are gettinglake effect snow but we w
Jan 20, 2013 6:00pm EST
, and as a result, it got compressed and warmed up as it came through. there's a live look at ronald reagan's washington national airport right now. 62 today. not a record for the date, but it is the warmest inauguration day on record. the unofficial record because it's hard to have weather records that far back. march 4th, 1793, george washington's inauguration, 61 degrees. officially the warmest inauguration day is 55 from reagan's first inaugural. we're at 55 degrees in washington. winds remain strong out of the northwest at 18 miles per hour. that northwest wind, that's the leading edge of the colder air we've been talking about for days. it is inbound, and this warmer air is on its way out. so as you make your plans for tomorrow, a colder start than this morning. temperatures in the 30s climbing into the mid-40s tomorrow, but clouds on the increase tomorrow, and there will be a chance for some passing snow showers late in the day. so good-bye to the warmer air. as the cold snap starts to roll in here, the leading edge of the arctic air arrives around sunset tomorrow and that will set u
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Jan 20, 2013 3:00am PST
inaugural, beat the 7 degrees it was for ronald reagan's second. >> that's right. let's talk about where the president is, as he starts his second four years in office even before the gun debate is hammering his approval. 51% approval rating which is really where george w. bush was, it's 19 points less than bill clinton was, but far below where he was. >> alisyn: yeah, you remember four years ago how exciting it was for the country as he was being sworn in and how much hope there was for hope and change and back then, the approval rating according to gallup was 68% and today, you know, after four years and obviously, it's harder to be a president than a hopeful candidate, it's at 48%. >> steve: you know what's interesting, about two or three weeks ago at the conclusion of december, the gallup poll number was, don't tell me, was 58%, so, closer to 60. what's happened in the last couple of weeks? well, you know, he did win that fiscal cliff thing and jacked up taxes on the most successful people in the country a campaign promise and experts say it looks as if his push to reining in gun vio
Jan 21, 2013 3:00am PST
the states. the states created the federal government. >>> that was ronald reagan on january 20th 1981. i remember watching that with my father. my dad just kept saying so much that my mom finally said george, shut up i heard it the first time. my dad kept saying if he lives long enough, he'll change the country and the world. he was right. that's what's so exciting about these days mika. so special. i remember lying in a fetal position on the floor after bill clinton won in 1992. >> that was a special day. >> thinking my world had come to an end. i just -- i loathed the guy. but i remember watching him deliver the inaugural address. just for a split second i said maybe, maybe -- and i think that's the magic of every inauguration. >> in all your years, you've learned to love him. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> oh yes, you would. >> we like each other. >> you should see them together at the clinton global initiative. makes me want to puke. welcome back to a special edition of "morning joe." >> i'm trying to be upbeat here. hope springs eternal on this day. >> it sure does. lo
Jan 18, 2013 9:00am PST
under the most conservative president and our lifetime, which was ronald reagan. it was reagan who approved the or signed into law the simpson readying a bill that provided the opportunity for about 3 million people who were then in the country, undocumented, to legalize their status. we are talking about 11 the following people that are undocumented in the united states. and i think that the extreme -- the most extreme right of the republican party understands that if 11 million to 12 laypeople are able to legalize their status and become voters, it will change the political landscape of america for decades to come. they understand it could spell doom of the republican party for a generation to come. and that's why i think there are struggling so much against it, just as they did back in 1986 with the first comprehensive immigration reform. so i think there is a political reason for this the vehement opposition to basically adjusting the status for folks that really, for the most part, are not criminals. they're hard-working people. there were forced to, by a variety of reasons, l
Jan 18, 2013 5:00am EST
was 1981 at 55 degrees. both times, the president was ronald reagan. that's a look at your forecast around here. seven-day forecast is minutes away. first, our qatar airways travel forecast. >> flowing with quiet energy. be free. be alive. let the story be >> coming up at 6:00, some local competitive cyclists tell us what they hope comes out of lance armstrong's big chill confession. >> and american airlines gives its airplanes a new look. >> and a bucket of balls out of the sky and crashes through the roof of a business, but the mystery is solved. we will explain at 6:00. >> maryland governor martin o'malley today plans to propose a standing early voting states in the state. residents would be allowed to register on the same day they cast a ballot. the head of the maryland republican party says same-day registration would invite voter fraud. and o'malley spokeswoman says the bill is simply about providing more opportunities for citizens to register to vote. >> a former d.c. police officer could and the rest of his life in prison after being convicted of killing his girlfriend and their da
Jan 18, 2013 6:00am EST
dates being january was 1985, it was 7 noon.s at they had to hold that indorse for ronald reagan. a few snow flurries possible monday, partly sunny, high they upper 30's. low to mid 30's at inauguration time. let's go to jamee. for jamee. >> thank you. on this friday morning, there's dry pavement. one incident in the clearing status in maryland on the intercounty connector air. the icc. no delays. clearing shortly. rd.'s near layhill no problems out of germantown on 270 down to the beltway, wide open. back to you. >> thank you. good news on wall street. they have twoen things to cheer about. >> the dow jones has hit a five- year high. get america's money report. a couple big economic reports going in the right direction. is way up withon buildings, jumping 12% in from the month before. the number of people taking has fallent benefits to a five-year low last week. the dow jones industrials hit a day,year high during the up 84 points. s&p closed at its highest level 07.ce december of 20 american airlines has a new logo thursday. unveiled on new atm machines are popping up country that cra
Jan 21, 2013 7:00am PST
a likability factor here that rivals ronald reagan, right? and it's very similar to that. but more people disapprove of his policies than approve of them. and so when you look at that, he's mindful of that a little bit. he's got a power to persuade when you have those kind of likability numbers. but at the same time, the public is sort of screaming at all of washington to do what savannah was talking about. and when we asked him wa kihat of message you want to send, he said fix this economy, create jobs and is for gosh sakes, compromise. i'm told in this anaugural address, he's going to be pragmatic of hope and is change rather than the full scale high level expectations you had four years ago, brian. >> and, chuck, these are speeches for the ages, the long view. but how much of current events do you think will be in it? we were speculating last night about two things in particular, number one, gun violence and the need, as the president sees it, to attack that as an issue quickly and, number two, we're going to be introducing doris kearns goodwin later on. what is the chance he doesn't q
Jan 18, 2013 7:00am EST
of congress, in the case of gun control, even red state democrats to marshal public support. ronald reagan did this, too. go over the heads of congress, try to appeal to people and tell them light up the congressman switch boards. >> it's interesting when a president gets a second term to see how they handle things differently than in the first. >> the history of second terms is not too good. ronald reagan, iran contra, bill clinton, monica lewisky, george w. bush, hurricane katrina. >> brings you back to your original question, why do they want the job? >> they all want the job. >> true. good to see you. you can catch fox news sunday 9:00 sunday morning after fox 5 morning news. >>> it's 8 19:00 now. still ahead, controversial statements, what former d.c. mayor marion berry is saying about his infamous drug arrest. >> plus, holly has an inaugural fashion show, it's coming up. we'll be right back.       >>> former mayor berry complained the fbi tried to kill him during their 1990 sting operation in which he was caught smoking crack cocaine in a hotel room. he tells u.s. news and wor
Jan 15, 2013 1:00am PST
health issue, because behind many of the shooters, from ronald reagan's would-be assassin all the way through what happened, the tragedy in connecticut 30 days ago has been someone with some mental illness and derangement. so i think we have to have, for instance, a very robust discussion. i anticipate, or i'm looking forward to seeing the task force suggests, a discussion for instance, rachel on whether the category of probative people who have been adjudicated as mentally ill, that's what the law says, essentially, they're prohibited, whether or not that should be broadened. for instance, should a person who has a diagnosis from a psychiatrist as being a paranoid schizophrenic be able to go into walmart tomorrow morning and buy a weapon? under the current law, without having been adjudicate as mentally ill in a court of law, under federal law, they would be able to do that. we have to have a serious discussion whether or not that category needs to be expanded. and what you're going to do is bring in a whole bunch of people who have very interested on that. you're going to have nra i
Jan 16, 2013 9:00am PST
at the personal histories of the number of u.s. presidents, it does not inspire confidence. ronald reagan, whose father was an appalling, and he dealt with that by this massive separation from reality, such that he could not touch of reality from fiction, even before his alzheimer's. this is well known about him. you look at somebody like clinton, also an abused child, his need for validation, to be liked, validated by women all the time. the kennedys. you look at george bush jr., who used to have an awful problem -- alcohol problem. these people had difficult histories. i remember being in toronto, ontario. it seemed like every time i published a book, the american bomb somebody. the first time i published a book was on add. just when it came out, they were bombing yugoslavia. the next book, they were bombing iraq. i remember watching george bush jr. on television talking about the impending invasion and attack on iraq. i turned the sound down -- and i do not know if you have ever had the experience of watching george bush, not for what he was saying, but from the perspective of body language,
Jan 18, 2013 10:00pm EST
that the personality of the president has an extension into the parade. >> yeah. >> ronald reagan brought in half of hollywood here and to me that's show biz and it really was exciting and so i consider his parade normally takes two, 2 1/2 hours, his was over four hours. >> in the cold. >> it was cold, oh. if anybody goes out there, dress for the weather, not the parade. >> indeed. i've got to ask this. any plans to stop? we don't want you to, but got to ask. >> i think when i'm 120 i'll think about retirement. >> so we've got your help for quite a while. >> i hope. so. >> it's an honor and pleasure. we cannot wait to hear you again monday. have you met president obama, by the way? >> i have met every other president except obama at this point and one of the women who is the director of the parade basically said i will take care of that personally. >> you've got to. we're putting it out there. mr. president, you've got to meet our fixture here, our legend, charlie bratman. it's such a pleasure meeting you. continued success to you. we'll look for you monday and mary you monday. thanks. >> i -- an
Jan 21, 2013 5:00am EST
. >> i think so. when i was looking at stuff and i saw ronald reagan's second inauguration was seven degrees, they had to move things inside, i was like this isn't so bad. >> if you went down four years ago this, go-round should be more comfortable than four years ago when we had highs in the 20s. >> good to know. >> let's do temperatures right now. if you are headed out right now as we just saw on wisdom's live shot, it is cold out there. temperature, 35 degrees at reagan national. most of the area has fallen, i'm just looking. the entire area has fallen below freezing with the exception of quantico which is also 35 degrees. so the rest of the area at or below freezing. 32 in annapolis. good morning to you. 27 in frederick. fredericksburg, 30 degrees. it will be chilly. we'll probably lose a few more degrees at reagan national. i think we'll get awfully close to freezing before the sun gets up at about 7:20 this morning. here are your winds. they will be out of the south up ahead of our next front and they will start to pick up. it will be a bit breezy even late this morning, early
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am EST
about this last week. >> name the president and the year, tony. >> the president was ronald reagan and it was 55 degrees. >> yes. that is impressive. >> strong out of the box. >> tony is good. >> can i get extra credit? he also had the coldest inauguration the first time around, it was seven degrees. >> how do you stump this guy. >> thiss swat second go around. >> we are looking at video. i remember going though this one in the crowd as a kid. it was very warm. >> i remember when i think of reagan, where's rickey sanders? >> that is because you are a sports guy, dave. >> that is not what i think of when i think of president reagan. >> i never heard that reference in my life. >> i get it. >> let's go to the next question. here we go. our next question is which president was the first to be grated on january 20th? >> good -- to be inaugurated on january 20th? >> i'll guess this one. was it one of the roosevelt inaugurations? >> tony? >> think she's right. i think -- we had to read a whole bunch of stuff. >> you guys read your handbook. >> i'm say fdr. >> good job. >> i am very impre
Jan 14, 2013 4:00pm PST
president in terms of raising it, the winner is ronald reagan at 17 times. that might shock people who like to see him as the paragon of responsible spending. >> we'll start with the deficit, shrinking more rapidly than at any time since the end of the korean war. in the end of december, we had a deficit for the month of $260 million, not $260 billion, $260 million. which in washington is almost the budget. that's the smallest monthly deficit in five years. some of that is artificial. people pulling transactions forward because they were afraid of higher tax rates in 2013. but for the first three months of 2013, we have a rapidly shrinking fiscal 2013, we have a rapidly shrinking deficit. so we are in a way chasing a vanishing problem. >> which is interesting, and that would allow for some things that are dirty and things that are not so dirty, would completely perhaps get rid of this problem after a while. do you think we're headed for a full stalemate? >> it's such a shame. i think david is right because we have low debt service right now. we're paying less interest on our debt than we ha
Jan 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
think ronald reagan was the last time. and what's really interesting, because president obama has to be sworn in tomorrow, and then he'll be sworn in again on monday, he actually is the first president since fdr to be sworn in four times. of course, don, fdr was sworn in four times because he served four terms. and that's not the case for president obama. you remember there was that number flub last time and it was redone out of an abundance of caution. >> look at all these moving hands. this place is getting crazy. they have moving advance coming in, part for the media, part for the festivities. part what the president is going to do. so it's really gearing up. look how beautiful the shot is. see the sunset? >> gorgeous. the capitol is a beautiful building and now it's almost a beautiful pink color right now. and that, of course, the west front of the building is where the inauguration will take place, right behind us. >> so what have you heard about the speech? >> the themes are set. we know that. there is still some major tweaking being done at this point but the themes are pr
Jan 21, 2013 6:00am EST
's what happened with jason woo and that gorgeous white gown. >>> last week tom told us that ronald reagan had the warmest and coldest inauguration day. >> today we're settling in the middle. tom kierein with our inauguration day forecast. >> we'll take that for late january. not going to be too cold but certainly cold now. there's capitol hill. a live view from our city camera. 33 at reagan national. cloudiness streaming over. a wind out of east at 5 to 10 miles per hour. streaks of high cloudiness now passing over. producing a few flurries north and east of washington northern anne arundel county, prince george's. maybe a few scattered flurries in fairfax county and into western maryland. temperatures are down into the 20s. locally, around the beltway, arlington, fairfax, prince george's, montgomery counties near 30 degrees. it's going to hold steady here below freezing to near freezing for another couple of hours. here's the inauguration day forecast on the mall. by 8:00 a.m., still mid 30s or so. upper 30s. by the time of the swearing in ceremony between 11:00 and noon. the low 40s. ma
Jan 17, 2013 3:00am PST
with all of this republican opposition to assault weapons, he quoted president ronald reagan, right? calling for a ban on assault weapons. when he was in the white house. so they -- they may not forget but they think we're going to forget. i think you're right. we don't right? >> caller: we don't. i think more people need to respond back and point out the hypocrisy. i think you all do it but sometimes the mainstream people are so willing to accept whatever they say. >> bill: i know. they buy into this thing. again, you know, dana millbanks good friend of mine in "the washington post," he's critical of the president for exploiting the people. b.s.! of course, this is all about kids. the president said it. this is how we will be judged. these kids wrote to the president's perfectly appropriate to have them on stage. sandy, thank you so much. good to hear from you out in madison, wisconsin. rick, what's up? how are you? >> caller: i'm all for what president obama has done with signing the executive orders. he got things out on the table that congress hasn't been able to do in how many
Jan 21, 2013 12:00pm EST
, a tradition that dates back to ronald reagan. the nomination of john kerry officially to serve as secretary of state. his confirmation hearing will take place this thursday. we're told a vote will take place next tuesday. he will be sworn in as secretary of state next wednesday. chuck hagel to head up the funds and j-- head up defense and jack lew as secretary of state. >> i think chuck this is the steepest climb to his nomination. even before it was officially announced, a lot of members on both sides coming out. there were so many republican members, and he is a former senator republican member from nebraska. even members of his own party coming out in opposition. i think he will face a tough time. jack lew i think will also be of the cross hairs. he was sort of the president's point man when it came to the fiscal issues on capitol hill. we have seen through the spending fights that jack lew was the guy to rankle the different positions and bring everyone to some type of agreement and avert disaster. what is funny is the same goodwill he was able to build up through a lot of the past spen
Jan 21, 2013 8:00pm EST
've been a republican for 30 years. i voted for ronald reagan. i voted for the first george bush. i voted for the first term of the second george bush. >> thanks for coming. we ask you to call in the line that best reflects your political point of view. pamela is in new bedford, massachusetts on our democrats line. hi. >> caller: hi. for me i could be no more proud of being a woman, being a vet flan the united states marine corps. today was wonderful. seeing all the line the parade route, the female marines, navy females, i just am amazed that how much progression that we have made, society as a whole and it is nice to see military people actually being awarded their metal of honor. older veterans as well as younger veterans. god bless america and god bless all the military people in afghanistan and iraq. host: this is a live look inside the convention center. service members enjoying the party at the commander in chief's ball. waiting to hear from vice president biden. we'll stay here live and continue to take your phone calls and tweets from inaugural 2013. here is a tweet from jon will
Jan 15, 2013 3:00am PST
in spending cuts. >> what about their pay saint ronald reagan? it was double digits. so bottom line is -- >> bill: i think obama's right. saying no, no, no, no. this is not something. we do not debate as he said yesterday, several times, we don't debate whether or not we're going to pay our bills. we're not a deadbeat nation. >> bill, for the listeners who may not know this and i'm sure many people do but for those who may not know, when we raise the debt ceiling we're not authorizing future spending. >> bill: good point. >> we're just paying the bills we've already acquired. we've already passed authorization bills and appropriation bills and the president signed the bill. we spent the money. this is just saying we're going to pay. okay. so like why wouldn't we want to do that? right? and so it is really sort of a ridiculous thing. i'm going to tell you, the progressive caucus, we're not against cuts. we have cuts that we think we'll go for. like -- >> bill: you've already done a lot of cuts. >> we've done $1.7 trillion in cuts. what if we did close some of the loopholes for the fo
Jan 21, 2013 3:30pm EST
'neill and ronald reagan six. that's why the demographics are so important when you have health care costs rising. so it is a hard question. what the government has done is undermined personal responsibility because if i can pay a flat fee at the beginning of the year monthly to where i have no other payment on my health care and i don't have to worry about it, most of the time i'm going to do that, but what does that do to the consumption toward overconsumption of health care and your listeners will be offended at this but when we study of we know it's true and have the same disease set as one that does. what does that tell us? what that tells us is that if we know -- if we know we are not paying any more for something, then we will tend to over consume. we will be less frugal if you're telling me i can go to the mall this afternoon when we finish and buy christmas presents on your credit card will ids frugal with your credit card as i would with mine? the answer is human nature. the studies show no, you're not. what we have to do -- there is a second thing that i think is important. when we und
Jan 17, 2013 7:00am EST
george w. bush, bill clinton, or ronald reagan? >> bill clinton. >> hmm. poor hoda. >> wait. she got $100? >> so tell us, he was the first? >> it was his second inauguration in 1997, and before you start thinking the white house was super internet savvy, bare in mind bill clinton sent a grand total of two emails during his eight years. >> are you kidding? >> not kidding. >> world has changed. back across to kath. >> chico and california. who elizabeth be one of the performers singing at president barack obama's second inauguration? beyouns yea, kelly clarkson, carly rae jepsen or james taylor. who went be there? >> carly rae jepsen. >> poor hodie. >> this is a bad day. >> you know what, hoda. i figured it out, though. they can take the money that they win and buy your book at barnes & noble. >> they can buy four books. okay. carly rae jepsen, the one. >> i guess he didn't call her maybe. >> girl, i thought you were going to go there. >> although others, james taylor will perform. >> james taylor is old hand at this. he performed at the dnc. beyonce has been a big obama performer. >> back
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)